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FAROE - Untamed & Wild

Tórshavn | 10 to 17 August 2023

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10 to 17 August 2023


Faroe Islands




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Paulo Pereira
Miguel Mesquita
Thomas Vikre


group size


12 Participants





Included in phototour

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Hotel Foroyar

Photodetails Workshops has partnered with award-winning photographer Thomas Vikre,
thus offering a unique and exciting phototour in the summer of 2023.
We will visit and photograph one of the most jawdropping locations in the North Atlantic Ocean...
The mythical Faroe Islands...
Let the adventure begin!


Hidden between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Faroe Islands have some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

Due to its still almost untouched landscape, and a reduced population, the island has more sheep than people. In its gorges there are also plenty of puffins, also known as puffins with their very characteristic clumsy style.

The grass-roofed houses are something of a symbol of the islands, appearing everywhere from sporadic small seaside villages, as well as in the capital of Tórshavn.

It seems like a pristine place, with people who live in a tale from an old book, immersed in a paradisiacal setting and surrounded by legends.

The Faroe Islands were classified by National Geographic, in 2007, as the most interesting islands in the world, among the 111 islands spread across the planet.

Faroe Islands is made up of 18 islands, not all of them inhabited, and with many tunnels under the sea connecting these islands. The capital Tórshavn, with approximately 15,000 inhabitants, is considered one of the smallest capitals in the world. Despite being the main city in the country, it maintains all the characteristics of the region, still with narrow streets, charming houses, local shops and no buildings.

No place in the 18 islands that make up the archipelago is more than 5 km from the sea. The highest point of the archipelago is 882 meters and is located on Eysturoy Island.

In this photo tour, due to its specificity and local logistical difficulties, we will have the support of Thomas Vikre, a local guide and photographer.


Paulo Pereira
His first real machine was an analogue Minolta, acquired in 1992, which he still keeps religiously. With the transition to digital, his passion grew, he systematically evolved and combined photography with his other passion, travel. With 39 countries under his belt, he combines his travel experience with photography, mastering not only the technical aspects of photography, but also the logistical aspects of travel. During his travels, he absorbed a lot of knowledge from other international photographers with whom he shared great photographic moments, namely in Iceland and Scotland, countries that he chooses as dream destinations for any landscape photographer.
Miguel Mesquita  

His passion for photography began in the late 90s, with a Pentax film camera, and he had his first digital camera in 2001, a Sony. More recently, he has rediscovered his passion for landscape photography. Through his photographic travels, he had the opportunity to photograph several European countries in different scenarios and seasons, improving his technique, even in the most demanding environments. In 2020, he joins the team of photographic leaders at Photo Details Workshops.


Group size
10 to 17 August 2023
Landscape photography
Physical demands
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Photography interest
Portuguese | English
Mild most of the day, cooler periods at dawn and dusk. Possibility of moments with rain.
Land package: €2,950, flights from €500
100€ with pre-booking ( non refundable )
€1,000 Official reservation in September 2022
€1,000 until 28 February 2023
   850€ until 31 May 2023
Local guide
Thomas Vikre
Thomas Vikre is an award-winning Danish-Norwegian photographer based in the Faroe Islands.
Thomas operates guided photo tours for private clients, groups and photo tour companies visiting the Faroe Islands and beyond. He presents himself as an experienced and reliable technical and logistical resource for landscape photography.
Local transportation
Entrances fees
Hotel Foroyar 4**** in a shared room for 2 pax, with breakfast
All local transportations, in suitable vehicle
Full-time follow-up by 2 photographic leaders
Tourist tax included
Entrances to natural parks and car parks.
Not Included:
Not included, except breakfasts.
Flights to destination and return to countries of origin
€50 to be paid upon formalizing the registration with our partner Focus Viagens
Cancellation Policy:
Until December 31, 2022: 100% refund of the reservation amount
1 January to 31 March 2023: 50% refund of the amount paid
After 31 March 2023 : no refund of the amount paid



Day 1
Arrival at the airport of origin 2 hours before the flight time, for check-in formalities.
Travel to Faroe through the chosen operator and grouping of participants.
Check in at the Foroyar hotel. Depending on the time of arrival we can still photograph the sunset.
Accommodation: Hotel Foroyar 4*** in a shared room for 2 paxs, with private bathroom and breakfast.
Day 2
Photographic outputs. We will focus on the period between sunset and sunrise, with a rest period in the morning.
Accommodation:  Hotel Foroyar 4*** in a shared room for 2 paxs, with private bathroom and breakfast.
Day 9
After breakfast it's time to pack your bags and leave for the airport, and return to your hometown.


What support will I have from photographic leaders?
Be aware that the leaders are not tour guides. However, by the knowledge of the places, they will provide the historical information related that they are aware of. The main job of the leaders is the organization of the trip, the management of the times and routes so that all can be in the right place at the right time. They will be 100% of the time with the participants.
Will I have some photographic support of the leaders?
A photo trip is not like a workshop where leaders are totally focused on the participants. In this trip, the leaders will photograph side by side with the participants, and share with the group the frames, composition and settings. They will be available to help those who need it.
The program mention that the transportation are included, will I have to drive?
No. All driving is assured. You just have to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of the landscape.
The flight is not included in the package, but can I request photo details some booking help regarding my flight?
Photo details is not a tour operator, but in our travels we have a partner who will be happy to book your flight and make you a corresponding offer. It is up to you to choose our partner or personally deal with your usual travel agent.
What do I need to bring regarding photographic equipment, and what about clothing?
With your registration and booking, before the date of travel, you will be sent a detailed program where all these issues are addressed.


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