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#95 Ria Sunset

Carregal | 8 of February 2020

Sold out

The Ria de Aveiro has nooks and crannies that, under the right conditions, offer us fabulous scenery to photograph.

In this workshop we will be supported by Haida Filters, with some filter kits for participants to try out. Training will be done before sunset on the features of the new M10 filter holder, and how to choose and corretly use the various types of filters. At the end, all participants will gain knowledge of how to measure the light and the dynamic range of the scene so that they can choose the best filter to counterbalance the light, while maintain the image corretly balanced.

For all participants a 17% discount on Haida filter ordering will be available during the workshop, and free delivery to Portugal.


8 of February:

15h30 Introduction and training of the Haida filters
17h15 Sunset shooting
18h15 Blue Hour shooting

19h00 conclusion


Miguel Mesquita
His passion for photography began in the late 1990s with a Pentax film camera, and had his first Sony digital camera in 2001. More recently, he has rediscovered his passion for landscape photography. Through his photographic trips, he had the opportunity to photograph several European countries in different scenarios and seasons, improving his technique, even in the most harsh environments. In 2020 joins the team of photo leaders at Photo Details Workshops.
José Moreira
Since 1995, with its first SLR (an original Zenit of the former USSR) he makes photography as a hobby. It is from 2008 that the dedication to photography has been given a strong boost and landscape photography has become a passion. Traveling and photographing is the perfect symbiosis and continues to fuel the desire to always want to meet new and unknown corners.
With the pleasure of teaching and training, in 2011 he decides to take another important career step, and acquire certified pedagogical skills in order to work as a trainer.
Since 2013, he leads workshops and shares accquired knowledge with the aim of transmitting this passion to others.


8 of February 2020
Group size
Ameno for most of the day. Cold at evening. 
Participant price
€40 *
100% on booking
Physical demands
Photography interest 
* Value does not include VAT
Cancellation Policy:
60 days or more
15 to 59 days
less than 15 days
100% refund
Amount will be in balance for use in an upcoming event
No refund
Full-time follow-up by 2 photographic leaders
Not Included:
Not included
Transportation to and during the tour
Any kind of insurance



What support will I have from photographic leaders?
In the photo details workshops leaders rarely photograph so that they can be 100% available to participants. There will be times when they will photograph side by side with the participants and share frames, composition and advisable settings.
The program says that the transportation is on account of each participant, will it be possible to share vehicles?
Yes, it will not only be possible, but also desirable. Usually with the participants who have facebool profile this issue is approached a few days before the workshops in order to combine hitchhiking with each other and share their costs.
How should we proceed with meals not included?
All logistical issues during the program are already adequately ensured.
What do I need to bring regarding photographic equipment, and what about clothing?
With your registration and booking will be sent a detailed program where all these issues are addressed.


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